Fort Worth Life Coach Dr. Renea Skelton

Fort Worth Life Coach | Meet Dr. Renea Skelton

Dr. Renea isn’t just a Fort Worth Life Coach, she’s a wife, mom, Veteran and activist.

Fort Worth Life Coach Dr. Renea Skelton helps families with challenging situations. She is an expert in emotional intelligence. Her many years serving in the Air Force showed her the path to guide people on theirs. Aside from being successful in her career, she is also an amazing wife, mother and friend.

Renea is a person that you love more and more as you get to know her. She’s down to earth and real, with a lot of dark humor mixed in. She makes hard conversations enjoyable. It was really nice to see her in Major Perk! Long story that I’ll get into more later, meeting up with me for this interview was the first time she had left her home since brain surgery in March. This woman is unstoppable!

Let’s talk about her family!

Renea has been married to her husband John for a really long time, like since he surprised her on a sidewalk with a marriage proposal and an ordained minister! She said yes, and they got married on the spot. They moved in together and served side by side in the Air Force.

Many happy years later, they have three children and a few pets together! Kelcie is the oldest at 19 years old. She’s working at Major Perk and served me my coffee! She just moved out of her parent’s home and is starting her life on her own. Chloe is next at 15 years old. She’s in the process of starting Driver’s Ed and is a little TikTok famous. She has about 120k followers with 5M views as one of her top videos. Pretty cool! Wesley is the last baby and definitely the baby of the family. He is 10 years old right now and the love of Renea’s life. Wesley just performed in the school talent show. He showcased his beatboxing to a standing ovation!

Max is their sweet dog. He’s two years old and wears what looks like fluffy pants. His butt is always wagging because he doesn’t have a tail. Max is the sweetest, happiest thing! Then there’s George the sea monkey. This guy just doesn’t die. He goes a little white in the winter months, but he has been happily living in his enclosed watery environment for the last seven to eight years. “Self-sufficient” is the best way to describe him! Life expectancies for sea monkeys are generally 1-2 years, but here’s George, just doing his thing and living his life even with the water level moving down the tank. We can learn a lot from George.

Fort Worth Life Coach Dr. Renea Skelton

What’s Dr. Renea’s favorite part of being a Fort Worth Life Coach?

Renea says that she loves holding the mirror to someone else’s inner discovery. With fifteen years experience as a Life Coach, one conversation with her will show you how she can dig in and break down your thoughts in a matter of minutes. It’s fascinating and terrifying! Her favorite part of her job is seeing the “aha!” moment when it all clicks.

Currently Renea is currently seeing 33 clients. They meet via Zoom right now as Renea heals from her surgery. Renea typically meets with each client once every two weeks or once monthly. They go over anything happening in the client’s life, how to handle it and react to it, then put a plan in place to make it better in the future. Renea is very good at being the outside perspective and helping you sort out your issues with fresh eyes. Want her to evaluate you too? Check out her website!

The Adventures of Henry the Hedgehog

Henry the Hedgehog comes alive from the pandemic.

I’m sure you remember as well as I do when the world shut down in 2020. Many families found themselves confined to their homes with all sorts of emotions swirling around. Because of this, there was more depression, fighting and tension in homes than ever before. Renea saw a need to address these issues and came up with Henry the Hedgehog. He’s a curious little critter who uncovers common emotions felt in children. The books walk a child through his adventure and allows them to understand what they’re feeling in an age appropriate way. At the back of each book, Renea has included questions and prompts that parents can use during different emotional situations so that feelings aren’t exacerbated or blown out of proportion. It’s good for children to feel, it’s helping them process and express those emotions that can be a challenge for any parent.

When the shooting in Uvalde, TX took place, Dr. Renea donated all of the copies of The Adventures of Henry the Hedgehog The Harvest Moon Festival at Big Rock that she had in print to the school. This particular book in the Henry series focused on grief. Not just sadness, but the loss of someone you love. It was a big comfort to the teachers to have resources when the children returned to school and some of their friends didn’t. Renea is so thoughtful to help these children.

Dr. Renea supports fellow Veterans.

After 22.5 years in the Air Force and her husband serving alongside her, Renea knows the toll the military can put on a person’s mind and heart. Freedom does not come free. She has donated much of her time to the non-profit Texas4Warriors to help lessen the 22 a day that take their own lives. Her passion is in helping those who don’t feel like anyone is in their corner. With her experience in the military plus her experience as a Fort Worth Life Coach, she is able to guide Veterans through impossible mental situations and help them get back on the right track to realize that they have more support than they thought. Suicide is not the only way out. Being a resource for them is a big part of Renea’s passion.

Dr. Renea becomes the patient.

Renea is a strong woman with steadfast determination. Everything that I’ve ever seen from her is assured, positive and confident. The first time I have ever seen her break down is when she was waiting for her brain surgery and only had two weeks to go. Renea has Cushing Disease, which is when a benign tumor on the pituitary gland makes too much cortisol. If left untreated, a patient has an under five year life expectancy.

Renea only realized something was wrong when she started to forget common words in mid-conversation and her vision was going out. She lost her peripheral vision completely right before going into surgery. Her doctors had discovered the benign tumor on her pituitary gland and went up her nose to get it out. While in there, they discovered a 2cm blood clot that they were able to safely remove. Scary to think that if she hadn’t been in surgery the blood clot could have caused an aneurysm.

Keep Renea in your thoughts and prayers, her fight isn’t over. Her doctors just discovered that her tumor was non-cancerous, but they were not able to remove the entire thing. She will be going back in for more treatment which can hopefully not involve another surgery.

What’s in the future for this Fort Worth Life Coach?

Dr. Renea has a few things up her sleeves, even from the confines of her home during recovery. She’ll be releasing a new virtual class that will run for four weeks. This class focuses on tackling your own gremlins. She’ll be offering audio lessons with a once a week Zoom class!

Give her podcast BattlePod a listen. She has amazing every day advice for the average person.

Thank you for your service, Dr. Renea! To our country and to your clients. You are an amazing person and I can honestly say the world is a better place with you in it.

Until next time, may your day be happy and your coffee be strong!

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