Fort Worth Realtor Kathy Deen

Fort Worth Realtor | Meet Kathy Deen

Buying and selling your home is easy with this Fort Worth Realtor

Kathy Deen exemplifies the hard working, caring and sweet Fort Worth Realtor you need for your home buying or selling process. After living in Hudson Oaks for over 30 years, she is well versed in the local community and goings on. She can help you find the right spot to move your family into or give you the correct compensations on your home to help you sell it better.

I’ve personally known Kathy for a little over a year now. Her motherly nature is only matched by her business sense. I can honestly say she is the type to speak softly and carry a big stick. She’s constantly thinking about her next move like a game of chess, but does it all so kindly. I would trust her to sell a property of mine in a heartbeat!

Fort Worth Realtor Kathy Deen

Let’s learn a little more about Kathy

Even though Kathy has been a Fort Worth Realtor for only the last ten years, her experience in the area and the community is what sets her apart. Her husband Pat Deen was the mayor of Hudson Oaks for many, many years. He ran for the unpaid position after the city informed him he couldn’t water his yard as much as he wanted. Pat just planted St. Augustine grass that needed the extra moisture to really lock in the roots. With the motivation of his landscaping in mind, he won the mayoral race and was the Hudson Oaks mayor for twelve years while simultaneously being an account manager for Duracell. Kathy took care of their kids while he worked, and once their youngest was in school, she decided to get her Realty license. Her friends weren’t incredibly supportive of her dream, but Pat always told her to go for it!

Pat and Kathy have four children together. April is their oldest. She’s currently 33 with two beautiful girls of her own. An accomplished student, April holds a doctorate in physical therapy and is very much a working mom. Kathy’s next baby is Gary. He’s 30 and single! Next is Jeremy who is 27 and went back to school so he can teach history. Their surprise baby was Ethan! He’s 18 right now and just graduated high school. Kathy said that her husband always wanted to have a boy in baseball, but none of the others were even remotely interested. Ethan was Pat’s big break and Pat helped coach all of Ethan’s teams until just this last year. Both Pat and Kathy are very proud of Ethan’s accomplishments and are excited to see what his future holds too!

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Kathy in her professional life as a Fort Worth Realtor

Kathy started working as a Realtor for Lynch Legacy Realty Group and is still employed by them today. Originally when she had the idea to become a Realtor after staying home with her kids for so many years, her friends did not support her. The only person who wanted Kathy to move forward with her dreams was her husband Pat.

She soon realized that Realtors can be catty and bullies, but she never saw the need for that. There is plenty of residential realty work to go around in the DFW area. Kathy was fortunate to start off her career as a Fort Worth Realtor with the crew at Lynch Legacy Realty Group. She worked on a team of Realtors, which helped her grow into her professional life and develop her experience. As a bonus, they celebrated together over team victories and pushed each other to success. Over time, she started to mentor new Realtors herself to guide them in their new profession.

Meet Realtor Kathy Deen

Trust Kathy to list your next home or find your dream home!

Whether you’re buying or selling, use Kathy’s experience to get you the best deal! She will guide you to the home of your dreams or make sure you are compensated for every amenity in your current home. Get in touch with her today!

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Until next time, may your day be happy and your coffee be strong!

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