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Cake Smash in Texas | Meet Kassi & Elizabeth

Custom Cake Smash is what we are all about.

I’m Elizabeth, your Maternity, Newborn and Cake Smash Photographer serving the Dallas and Fort Worth areas of Texas. And this is my best friend Kassi. She runs Sugar Invasion serving sweets and treats to the Fort Worth and surrounding areas. Together, we are the Cake Smash Queens!

Kassi and I have been working together for a little over a year now. We met after I reached out to her and asked if she’d like to be featured on my website to help boost her reach and advertise both of us. After taking her headshots in the studio and tasting a bit of her original recipes, I officially asked her to be my exclusive baker for my Cake Smash sessions! She accepted, and the rest is history.

Together, we brainstorm, design and work together to create the magical sets that my littlest clients destroy. We’ve had so much fun bouncing ideas off of each other and dreaming up bigger and better things every single time. I’m incredibly grateful to have her be such a big part of my business and my personal life. She’s been a giant influence in my business and I hope I have been the same for her’s!

Creators of the Texas Cake Smash photoshoot
Kassi & me with our camera & cake.

What made us click so fast?

Literally from the first day we met, we’ve been texting each other every day since. Both of us are a weird combination of intro-extrovert where we enjoy our time in social situations but also need the recharge in a quiet space. We both like music that bumps and none of the country twang that Texans are so used to. Plus we drink an inordinate amount of coffee to keep our sleepless habits in check. We both work from home, understand the struggles and help keep each other accountable. It’s nice to have a buddy to chat with and make goals with, even if they’re not physically with you doing the things. I guess you could call Kassi my accountability partner and brainstorming buddy. We also share all the memes with each other trying to make the other one laugh. Personally I’ve had a hard time making friends that stay with me even since I was a kid. Having someone who I know has my back and I trust as an adult has been so refreshing.

e newton photography and sugar invasion
Drinking coffee together on my kitchen counter.

Kassi’s passions include anything with flavor that brings people together.

I’ll link Kassi’s original interview to the bottom of this blog so you can read about how much it’s changed in a year. Since I’ve met her, Kassi left her full time nursing job to pursue her career in baking full time. Leaving her day job was a pipe dream the first time I met her and now it’s reality! Sugar Invasion started from her passion in the kitchen after she was gifted her great grandmother’s recipe book. Her great grandmother also happened to be a Registered Nurse and loved making sweets from scratch! The confectionary creativity certainly runs in the family.

fruity pebble macarons
Kassi’s original Fruity Pebble macarons, because she’s obsessed with cereal.

It’s been amazing to watch Sugar Invasion evolve into the super competitive bakery that it is. Kassi’s variety of sweets and treats that she churns out of her home bakery rival, if not outshine, many of the chain bakeries in the Fort Worth area. Most notably, she has been working on her version of the famous macaron, a delightful cloud of sweet sandwich goodness that melts in your mouth. My favorite flavors that she’s made so far are the Fruity Pebbles inspired flavor and the lemon blueberry macaron. The flavors come alive on your tongue and whisk you away to a wonderful place! She knows exactly how to extract the fruit to add the most bang for your buck. It’s a really incredible experience to taste her baking!

Kassi & Kirby in an impromptu studio picture. We were taking headshots when Kirby interrupted!

Now it’s time to talk family!

Aside from the perfect work partnership Kassi and I share, our families get along swimmingly! I’m very grateful that both of our Joshes (yes, we are each married to a Josh!) enjoy smoking cigars and sipping whiskey together while we’re brainstorming our next creative idea or doing a photoshoot. To top it off, Kassi and my youngest son Kirby pretty much clicked the second they met. He’s a wild two year old that is sweet but compulsive, which can also sum up Kassi pretty well in two words. They are peas in a pod when they’re together. She has made a grand total of seven Cake Smash cakes for him; a simple naked, a brown cow, a Kraken inspired nautical, Chucky, Bluey, boobs and ‘Merica. Quite the variety for a one year span! Not many toddlers can say they have a personal baker, so it’s pretty awesome. We jokingly say that Kirby is Kassi’s adopted son but we seriously give Kassi the honorary title of Auntie. She may not be my sister by blood, but she’s been there through thick and thin.

With our immediate family moving from Massachusetts in October of 2021, we didn’t have anyone to spend holidays with. Kassi kindly offered to let us join them for Thanksgiving and Easter. It’s been difficult being away from friends and family over the last year, but Kassi and Josh made it much easier. We loved being with fun people for major holidays!

cake smash setups
Kirby’s seven Cake Smashes with cakes all made by Kassi!

Juggling a Cake Smash photoshoot with children of my own.

Right now, I have my five year old Dallas and my two year old Kirby. Both boys are full of energy and love to talk to my clients the very second they walk in the door. I always schedule my Cake Smash sessions around Kirby’s nap time and then let Dallas play while I take care of my clients for an hour. Dallas will pop in from time to time to see how everything’s going. I call him my “Quality Control Officer”, it’s his official title in my business! Kirby of course is considered the “Taste Tester”. As challenging as having a home business can be, I wouldn’t trade it for anything. Seeing my boys every single day all day long is a blessing that not many parents get to enjoy.

cake smash setups
Variety of cakes and setups from sessions in 2022.

What’s next for our Cake Smash?

We are booking sessions now and planning through Fall for Cake Smash sessions! Big things are in the future for us, but I can’t talk about too much now. I have to leave something for a surprise! Just know that we are aiming high for all of our setups and designs. Both of our businesses are evolving and changing, sometimes a little bit faster than even we anticipated. Buckle up and follow us, it’s going to be a fun ride!

Coffee cookies
Custom cookies that Kassi surprised me with.

Until next time, may your day be happy and your coffee be strong!

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