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POWER OF TOUCH Massage | Relieving Pregnancy Stress & Pains

POWER OF TOUCH located in Aledo, Texas focuses on the healing power of massage

POWER OF TOUCH Massage prides itself on listening to the body and using holistic techniques to heal their clients. Healing massage goes back thousands of years. POWER OF TOUCH is using centuries old methods to help you and your baby have a healthy pregnancy and birth.

power of touch

Massage has been used for centuries to help pregnancy and birth. Swedish Massage in particular focuses on the blood flow and fluid distribution in a mother; because of pressure on a mother’s body with extra amniotic fluid and a whole baby, lymphatic fluid and blood stays in the muscles causing soreness. An effective massage will move this fluid around and release it from the muscles, helping a pregnant mother sleep better and feel her best. Frequent massages can help a mother sleep, ease anxiety, help with muscle and joint pain, and just make her feel happier in general. It’s never a bad thing to gift an expecting mother a massage!

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Massage aids labor

Massage has even been used in a labor aid for centuries. During labor, midwives and doulas massage the mother to help ease pain and insure that the baby is properly in position for birth. Massage was a useful tool then and still is now! Increasing blood flow and promoting fluid movement in the body is always beneficial, especially in such a life changing, big event.

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POWER OF TOUCH Massage focuses on your health and well being

Opened in 2007 by Lucky Molsbee, POWER OF TOUCH is located in the center of Aledo. It shares walls with Texas Family Chiropractic, so you can go from adjusting your spine to a relaxing massage right after. It’s a convenient match made in heaven! Even better, their storefront is just across the street from Serve, a great spot to meet up with friends over a cup of delicious coffee. Lucky has been in the massage business for a long time. She has a great working relationship with her returning clients and makes newcomers feel welcome too! Her and her staff take great pride in helping people feel better. The whole goal of massage therapy is to target the problem areas and address them. Every person is different!

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POWER OF TOUCH has a fabulous FAQ on their website

Reading through the FAQ on the POWER OF TOUCH‘s website, it is clear that they put an emphasis on listening to your body and respecting your comfort level. From the frequency of visits to the amount of clothes you wear during a massage, everything is up to how you feel. This is all especially great for pregnant women! I know from my four pregnancies that every one is different. What works during one pregnancy may not work for the next. I love that Lucky and her team follow your lead!

Another item on the list of FAQ’s talks about how old you have to be to receive massage therapy. I love that their answer is so straightforward; ANY age can benefit from massage therapy! This is so true, especially for babies. The physical touch and movement of fluids can calm a newborn which is a great tip to remember for new parents. From personal experience, a simple back rub for my four year old can really calm him down. I can see a big difference in him after I’ve rubbed his back for a little while because he relaxes and refreshes. Sometimes the craziness of the day leads to tension in our muscles, so having a holistic way to relieve that is a treat!

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Ready to book your next massage?

Contact Lucky or any of the massage therapists on their website, Facebook page or Instagram. They frequently post updates if they have open appointments, so you could snag a massage today! Wouldn’t that be relaxing?

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Until next time, may your day be happy and your coffee be strong.

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