Wright Chiropractic Health Center in Weatherford | Meet Dr. Heather Wright

Meet Dr. Heather Wright, the enthusiastic and incredibly educated person behind Wright Chiropractic Health Center.

I had the unique pleasure of first meeting Dr. Heather Wright at Wright Chiropractic Health Center, then watching her work with and adjust three of her patients! Her approach to each patient is the same: listen to their concerns about their own bodies, go over what she’s going to do to address those issues, treat the issues, then review how to best maintain until the next adjustment. I love how much she listens to her patients and doesn’t put words in their mouths! Dr. Wright really respects her patients’ bodies and knows that they know it best.

Just in talking with a handful of her patients at Wright Chiropractic Health Center, I’ve learned how loved Dr. Wright is. She is a staple in our community and makes a difference in so many peoples’ lives. Not only people, but their pets too! Did you know that she can adjust your dog, cat or even horse? I heard that there is a stepladder involved in horse adjustments!

Wright Chiropractic Health Center | Dr. Heather Wright

When I first walked in to Dr. Wright’s office, I was warmly greeted by pleasant conversation between one of her staff and a patient. They were chatting away about the best way to catch and cook crawdad, and laughing and giggling about their experiences. Clearly this office is a second home to many people! The staff member finished her conversation with the patient, then moved to me, greeting me with a big smile. She was incredibly kind and was excited that I was there to talk to Dr. Wright. As I waited in the lobby, I only heard happy chatter as more patients came out from the exam rooms.

I got to find out exactly what an appointment with Dr. Wright looked like.

Another one of Dr. Wright’s staff came out and guided me to one of the two exam rooms. I was greeted by an almost archaic looking upright table. I wondered if I had walked into a torture chamber or a doctor’s office, but my curiosities were answered almost immediately when Dr. Wright walked in with her huge, beaming smile! She welcomed our first patient in. She was a two week postpartum mama needing extra help with her left side due to sleeping funny and nursing her new baby girl. Dr. Wright listened to all of her needs, had her stand on the foot piece of the archaic looking torture device, then made the whole contraption lay her patient down on her belly. It looked so relaxing once it was in place!

Wright Chiropractic Health Center | Dr. Heather Wright

Then it was time for the fun stuff. After a quick bottom-of-the-foot-inspection to figure out which side was crooked, Dr. Wright went to work popping vertebrae after vertebrae, ending at the neck. It was satisfying to watch! Mama got up and looked about two inches taller after her adjustment.

After mama was figured out, it was baby’s turn. Little girl was very calm, not minding any poking and prodding that Dr. Wright was doing. Even after what looked like a dislocated hip, baby was completely calm and relaxed during everything, and even went right back to sleep once the doctor was done.

Wright Chiropractic Health Center | Dr. Heather Wright

Another specialty of Dr. Wright’s is prenatal chiropractic services.

Our third patient of the day was a mama about six months pregnant. She has been seeing Dr. Wright since she had sciatica pain halfway through her first pregnancy and needed relief. Now she’s more than halfway through her second pregnancy with less discomfort! She’s been visiting Dr. Wright consistently and getting her adjustments along the way. Our new, pregnant patient started on her belly (the table was adjusted to make room for baby plus the help of a boppi pillow was employed). The adjustment was just about the same for the expecting mother as for the postpartum, it was all tailored to each woman’s needs!

Dr. Wright helped all three women with each of their needs so professionally and quickly. It was amazing to watch her work in her element. This field is very clearly her calling and what she is perfectly made to do.

Wright Chiropractic Health Center | Dr. Heather Wright

Not only did I get to watch the expert at work, I got to ask her some questions too!

How long have you been a Chiropractor? What drew you to the field of Chiropractic Services?  

 I am coming up on 21 years (!! How DID THAT happen?!)  of being a chiropractor.  I am also licensed to do Acupuncture (NBCE.)  

For several generations my family has taken advantage of the amazing results and benefits of receiving chiropractic care.  My parents started me in chiro care as a child, and I’m so glad they did!  So, not only am I Doctor of Chiropractic, but I’m a chiropractic patient myself.  I definitely believe in walking the walk I talk.  My mom receives credit for pointing me towards the study of Chiropractic when I was trying to decide which health field to go into in college.  

What are the benefits of Prenatal Chiropractic Services? Why should pregnant women seek them out?  

During pregnancy, the spine and pelvis do a significant amount of work, both from the changes it has to go through to accommodate that little bundle of joy, as well as neurologically.  Many of the nerves to the reproductive organs come out of the spine in the lower back, and those are hard at work throughout a pregnancy and delivery.   I focus work on both the pelvis and spine to help it transition and make the changes it needs to make through the changes of pregnancy. 

Adjustments promote balanced movement and alignment, which then also helps maintain balance in the ligaments connected to the uterus.   Relieving tension and improving the entire area’s balance not only improves the mother’s comfort but improves the comfort of the baby. Regular chiropractic care also helps the pelvis stay in a more efficient biomechanical state and make the changes it needs to open for delivery and allow the baby to position properly.  

I have several OBs and Doulas that refer to me.  Chiropractic care is completely safe for both mother and baby throughout all stages of pregnancy.  

Wright Chiropractic Health Center | Dr. Heather Wright

Can frequent trips to the Chiropractor during pregnancy lower the risk of C-section?  

While to my knowledge there has not been any major randomized medical studies done on this subject, the clinical statistics and case studies seem to infer that it can help a woman make a healthy natural delivery.  Looking at some of the information we discussed above, that makes sense to me that it would.  We are primarily just trying to help that body do what it already knows innately how to do by making the structures more efficient and removing potential obstructions to it operating correctly.  

Do you provide Chiropractic Care for babies? If so, what are the benefits?   

I LOVE treating infants and babies!  No matter your age, your body is subjected to a wide variety of stress. Infants have stress even while in utero from the growth, positioning, and “cramped quarters.”  When you really think about it, being born- whether its vaginally or c-section- is one of the most traumatic things our bodies go through.  I joke with my patients that thank goodness we don’t remember it!   This is why it is important for your baby to be checked by a pediatric chiropractor as soon as possible.  I have literally treated infnats almost immediately after birth.  

Consider this: what if you never brushed your teeth?  It wouldn’t make sense to wait until your 50 years old to start brushing your teeth and seeing a dentist would it?  Why do we do that with the spine?  We should start sooner!  The number one cause of mobility loss in America is spinal degeneration/osteoarthritis, which is wear and tear on the spine.  We can’t stop using our spine, but we CAN help slow the process by keeping everything more efficient.  Think of it like keeping your car realigned and balanced on a regular basis.  You can drive it out of alignment.  It technically works, but it “pulls” and wears on the tires and other important structures faster.  The same concept is true in the spine, so keep it healthy and efficient from birth to death!!  

Wright Chiropractic Health Center | Dr. Heather Wright

What should a mom expect at an appointment with Wright Chiropractic Health Center?  

When you come in, expect to feel welcomed and important!  You will get to discuss your concerns and care goals with us and a custom treatment plan will be developed to meet your concerns, goals and stage of pregnancy.  You will receive a thorough, non-invasive exam and a written plan will follow on the next visit to answer all your questions.  Treatments can be performed in several ways, so it can be tailored to your comfort and preference.  I specialize in non-twisting type adjustments that are very effective and safe.  We offer several other supportive type treatments like cupping, acupuncture and exercise/physiotherapy as well.   

Wright Chiropractic Health Center | Dr. Heather Wright

Need to realign your back? Get in contact with Wright Chiropractic Health Center today!

Call her now and your spine, shoulders and feet will thank you later. You can get in touch with Dr. Heather Wright through her website. Visit her Facebook page, Instagram account and follow her on Twitter.

Dr. Wright has made a welcoming environment at her office. Go visit Wright Chiropractic Health Center today!

Until next time, may your day be happy and your coffee be strong!

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