4 Fort Worth Prenatal Massage Spas You Have to Visit

Why work a prenatal massage into your already busy schedule?

Getting a Fort Worth prenatal massage may seem like “just one more thing”. However, taking time to care for yourself is crucial during this time. Pregnancy is stressful. It is physically taxing, mentally draining and gosh, the sleep is not good. Prenatal massage can help with all of these issues and then some!


Benefits of a Fort Worth Prenatal Massage:

  • Fewer Labor Complications: Women that complete several sessions of massage over the course of their pregnancy have fewer complications over the course of their pregnancy, during labor and in their postpartum healing.
  • Increase Circulation: With so much weight in your belly towards the end of pregnancy, your uterus can sit on blood vessels. This causes your blood to stay in places it shouldn’t and cut off circulation. Massage will help move your blood through your body, increasing oxygenation. You and baby will feel so much better for it!
  • Lower Anxiety: Pregnancy not only puts strain on your body, it can put strain on your mental health. Massage can help decrease your anxiety and relieve depression. Just the feeling of human touch can reduce stress and help increase hormone levels.
  • Relieve Joint and Muscle Pain: For the exact same reason athletes turn to massage, pregnant women should too! Muscle pain and joint pain are both common while growing new life. Massage therapists can help reduce this pain with their experience.
  • Drain Trapped Fluids: Most women will swell during pregnancy, and sometimes in odd places! I think we’ve all heard of women’s ankles and feet swelling during pregnancy, but did you know that your face and hands can be effected too? A good prenatal massage will alleviate the swelling and get those fluids moving again.
  • Better Sleep: With relaxation comes better sleep. Not only will a massage help you get to sleep faster, you will stay asleep. Believe me, any bit of help in the sleep department during pregnancy is welcomed!

Where should you go for a Fort Worth prenatal massage?

Most spas are employ certified masseuses who can assist you with a massage during pregnancy. Here are a few great recommendations in the Fort Worth area!

Melt (Spa + Massage)

Located in Keller, Melt offers 30, 60 and 90 minute prenatal massages. They conveniently let you book appointments directly through their website. Enjoy refreshments and beautiful decor in their high end spa. As a small business, they strive to listen to their employees and clients to constantly improve experiences. Book your appointment with them today!

Woodhouse Spa

With locations in Fort Worth, Dallas, Plano and Highland Village, you always know you’ll receive consistent care through Woodhouse Spa. Every client starts off with a posh robe, a fresh hot tea and sweet massaging sandals in the Quiet Room. Not only are the staff here making your body feel better, they put a heavy focus on your mind too. Woodhouse strives for a great massage experience and will make all discomforts fall away. Check out their website here.

Hand & Stone Massage and Facial Spa

Conveniently open seven days a week, Hand & Stone Massage and Facial Spa in Camp Bowie, Fort Worth strives to provide a quality spa experience. Private rooms with individual light and sound adjustments with heated massage tables make up just some of the awesome services they have to offer. Licensed massage therapists take down your medical history and tailor your pampering. Check out their website to book an appointment online!


Opened in 2005, Spavia has been serving clients in the Fort Worth area successfully for many years. Their experienced massage therapists provide either a 60 minute or 80 minute prenatal massage. Relax, recenter and renew at Spavia! Head over to their website to book an appointment.


Find the spa that’s right for you and your pregnancy!

The great thing about prenatal massage now is that most insurance providers will cover the expenses. For a long time, it was a cost mothers had to spend out of pocket. But now it’s accepted to be beneficial to mom and baby. Check with your health insurance provider to see if they’ll cover the cost for you!

Making time for yourself is so important when you’re pregnant. If you’re relaxed, your baby will be relaxed too. Feeling good during pregnancy can also help your postpartum recovery feel like a breeze. Talk to your healthcare provider and see if prenatal massage is right for you!

You have so many awesome options listed here. How will you choose?

Don’t forget, your pregnancy will go by in the blink of an eye. Have Maternity Photos taken before you have your baby. Take the time to cherish the time.

Until next time, may your day be happy and your coffee be strong!

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