Sage Midwifery in Arlington, Texas

Sarah and Emily provide midwife services at Sage Midwifery in Arlington, Texas.

Why go to a midwife?

Most women that choose to enlist the help of midwives, like the two experienced ones at Sage Midwifery, want to have a natural, vaginal birth. Midwives stay with you from conception through postpartum care. Helping with fertility, then prenatal care, then your labor and eventually breastfeeding along with newborn care, your midwives are with you for the long haul. This is a portion of healthcare that can be super tailored to you and your wishes.


Reasons women choose a home birth over a typical hospital birth:

  • Control over the Birthing Process: Midwives listen to you and your body, not the other way around! You get to call the shots with support from your birthing staff. They help guide you through every contraction, position change and manage your pain naturally.
  • Vaginal Birth is a Priority: Midwives support an unmedicated vaginal delivery, whereas this may be less of a priority for hospitals. Ask your healthcare provider what their C-section rate is, especially if you’re invested in the outcome.
  • Caregiver Attendance: Take it from a woman who had two hospital births, OB/GYN visits during labor are few and far between. Midwives actually stay in the same room as you while you labor, giving you constant support.
  • Pain Management: Midwives are going to be all about the natural, unmedicated birth. Having their support will help you through the worst of your contractions. A hospital will immediately offer pain management like an epidural. Epidurals are great, if they work, but they can slow the progress of labor.
  • Additional Postpartum Support: Midwives at Sage Midwifery visit your home for the first postpartum appointment. They can help you with your own routines and see what’s happening in your own environment instead of hearing about it in a doctor’s office.

Sarah and Emily are a great fit for new moms

Sarah White, CPM, LM started her career at Family Birth Services in Grand Prairie, Texas. She was able to stay with them for three years while she completed her training education at Association of Texas Midwives Midwifery Training Program. She graduated in 2019 and completed her internship after two more years. She’s passionate about her clients, to the point where her clients turn into friends. She loves making connections and really understanding women’s goals to help empower them and support them through the birthing process and beyond.

After hearing about how her own mother pushed herself to try for a VBAC, Sarah feels very strongly about women who want successful VBAC’s and takes on the challenge. In her personal life, she’s very much a family person. She loves to cook, enjoys a good caffeinated beverage and relaxes with a solid work out. Her best friend of many years happens to be her co-worker, Emily!

Meet her bestie Emily!

Emily Bichard, SM began her education in 2016 at Association of Texas Midwives Midwifery Training. She’s all about educating young women on natural birth and normalizing the idea of trusting your own body. Emily is a big proponent for exercise during pregnancy as well. She’s currently in the process of continuing education on breastfeeding, herbal remedies and homeopathy. Personally, she loves going on hikes, enjoys spending time with animals and spending time with her friends.


“From our first meeting with Sarah we knew we were in good hands. Guiding us through the process of birth at the comfort of our own home was amazing. Caring, compassionate, precise and knowledgeable are just a few things on a long list that describes our experience with Sage Midwifery. Excited for Baby number 2 in October!”

Matthew T.

Their practice is located in a home setting in South Arlington. They check over the health of mom and baby to ensure that pregnancy is going smoothly. All checkups, labs and ultrasounds are completed in this one location. Older siblings are welcome to join during check ups as well!

“Sarah did a great job walking us through the process of home birth twice! We really appreciate your help and the blessings on our life you have been!”

Leah T.

Want to check out Sage Midwifery?

Get connected with Sarah and Emily at Sage Midwifery through their website or Facebook page!

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Until next time, may your day be happy and your coffee be strong!

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