6 Dallas Prenatal Yoga Studios

Let’s face it, when you’re pregnant, the last thing you want to do after working, cleaning house, taking care of older kids and trying desperately to shower alone is going to a Dallas prenatal yoga studio to twist, turn, stretch, workout and challenge your already challenged body.

But guess what? Prenatal yoga will actually help you go to sleep! You know all the tossing and turning you usually do? After a session of twisty yoga, you’ll put your head on the pillow at night and immediately go to sleep. Science proves it!

Not only will you gain great sleep, you’ll increase your blood flow, reduce any stress and anxiety you may be feeling and prepare your body’s muscles for labor. Other benefits include back pain relief, decreased nausea, elevated flexibility, increased lung capacity, heightened strength and lessened headaches. All of this information can be found from the Mayo Clinic. With all of these advantages to prenatal yoga, why wouldn’t you go for a class or two?


Let’s find a Dallas prenatal yoga studio that suites you!

I researched a variety of yoga studios in the Dallas area. These six really stuck out to me as cool and unique spots to visit. The talent and education of the business owners running the studios impressed me as well. All have impressive resumes!

Soulfully Moving

During the pandemic of 2020, Shawna decided to use her quarantine time wisely. She had gotten into a hot yoga class after finding a Groupon for it way back in 2010. With so much time on her hands during lockdown, she was able to focus her efforts on her body. She became a certified 200hr Hatha Yoga Instructor which pushed her to open her own studio! Check out more on her website.

Bami Yoga

Mimi moved to America from Belgium back in 1993 to teach French in Louisiana. Through her life experiences, she drew towards prenatal care and postpartum support. She specializes in yoga, massage, midwifery and postnatal care. Mimi is the whole package for expecting mamas! Use her expertise for your pregnancy. Visit her website to learn more.

We Yogis

Husband and wife team Diana and Trip Rodgers started up We Yogis after not finding a welcoming environment for all skill levels in yoga. They wanted to allow everyone and anyone the opportunity to learn! We Yogis opened in 2012 and now has four locations over Dallas, TX. As a person who has never practiced yoga before, I certainly appreciate knowing that there is a place I could go and feel comfortable. Visit their website for more information!


Arise Yoga + Wellness

Jessie King owns and operates Arise Yoga +Wellness. Her love for yoga started early when they taught her yoga in school. She learned to love the traditional method of yoga, then eventually found a studio close to her that could help while she was moving around a lot in her teen years. She’s certified in all different things. Her teachers guided her down the path of multiple certifications. She has been doing this for quite some time and enjoys taking the time to listen to her clients. Find out more about her studio on her website!

Move Studio

Started in 2000 with a two room space, Move Studio grew to house more than 80 classes in a given week! Prenatal yoga is just one of the many options offered there. The biggest bonus of Move Studio is that they do not charge for a membership or registration. You simply pay as you go. Take a look through their website and find a class that will suit you!

Unique Footprints

Not only is Unique Footprints a great spot for prenatal yoga, they staff dietitians, nurses, lactation consultants, pediatricians, psychologists, baby sleep coaches. You name a problem, they provide support. With such well rounded services, Jenny Morrow and her team really tailor your care to your unique problems. This is a great program for the working mother. Unique Footprints offers the entire program for purchase online, meaning that you can learn yoga and labor techniques right from the comfort of your own home and on your own time schedule. It’s much simpler than having to remember just one more appointment during pregnancy. It’s hard enough to get to every OB/GYN appointment while pregnant, let alone anything else. Let Unique Footprints take the guesswork out of it for you! Visit them on their website to learn more.


Feeling a little stiff in your pregnancy is completely normal, but keeping yourself moving will help keep you flexible, help with blood circulation, and prepare you for labor. You should check out one of these Dallas Prenatal Yoga Studios.

Preparing for baby is hard work. Another thing to think about is taking photos of your journey! If you need a Maternity Photographer, I would be happy to help you!

Until next time, may your day be happy and your coffee be strong!

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