Dallas Prenatal Massage

3 Relaxing Dallas Prenatal Massage Locations

Why would you need a prenatal massage in Dallas?

Very simple. You’re pregnant, your body aches, joints ache, your skin is stretching. There are things going on in your body that you have never experienced before. It’s time to go to a professional in the Dallas area. Schedule yourself a relaxing and therapeutic Dallas prenatal massage!

Prenatal massage has been around since the dawn of time. Eskimos used massage during pregnancy, labor and postpartum to help in all aspects of healing. There was a Greek slave called a “doula” that would go to homes to massage women in labor. It wasn’t known as “prenatal massage” back in those days, but there was a clear, positive effect in the use of massage at all stages of pregnancy. Massage has always been used to help maneuver baby during labor to help ease them through the birth canal. It exemplifies a healing, human connection.

Nowadays prenatal massage is used very much in the same way. Massaging the soft tissues of the body helps increase circulation, drain trapped fluids in the body, lower anxiety and depression by increasing hormone levels and relieve some joint and muscle pain. Studies have shown that women who complete several sessions of massage over the course of their pregnancy see fewer complications during labor and in the overall health of their newborn.

Find out from your insurance provider if prenatal massage is covered. It has become such a mainstream, well-documented service that insurance agencies are starting to credit families for the cost of some massage appointments.

Please check with your healthcare provider before scheduling a massage. Some high risk pregnancies should not try this. Only your healthcare provider will have a clear answer for you and your baby.

Who to go to for a Dallas prenatal massage?

To make the searching easier, I’ve compiled a list of trusted masseuses in the Dallas area. Listed are professionals experienced in taking care of expecting mothers and their unborn babies.

Riviera Spa

Located in downtown Dallas, nice little shops and restaurants surround Riviera Spa. Plan a day to get a massage then eat lunch! Pottery Barn Kids is across the street among a few other furniture stores, just in case you still have to furnish the nursery. Make a day of it to celebrate your new baby!

“May has magic fingers. My shoulders have never felt so good.”

-Allison Mears, client of Riviera Spa

Riviera Spa has a great list of services to offer. From skincare to massage, sauna to a float tank experience, they are the epitome of relaxation. Book appointments online through Riviera Spa’s website or call to speak to an associate.

Mariah’s Traveling Therapeutic Massage

Mariah takes the guesswork out of your prenatal massage. She packs up her office and brings it with her, right to the comfort of your home! Instead of finding child care for your toddler, let everyone stay on their own schedule while you are pampered.

“I scheduled a prenatal massage with Mariah and I am so happy that I did. I was in a lot of discomfort in my lower back and hips. We did just an hour massage to begin and I already feel great relief. She was super friendly, punctual, and communicated well. I would recommend her to anyone needing a massage!”

-Jessamyn Mae Rogers, client of Mariah

Pregnancy is hard enough. Let your masseuse take some of the stress away. Mariah removes all of the inconveniences of an appointment. Not only that, she’s incredibly great at what she does. She specialized in Swedish, Deep Tissue, Trigger Point, Sports/PNF Stretching, Prenatal and Hot Stones massages. It’s not just pregnant women she can help! Contact her today directly through her Facebook page.

Lilie’s Healing Hands & Body Work

Just north of Dallas in Addison, TX, Liliana hosts her clients in a clean, relaxing environment. She specializes in massage from birth to death and any age in between. Her clients become her family. Listening to their trouble areas and attacking them head on is how she gains a client following for life.

“I am currently on bedrest and it had gotten to the point where I felt like like muscles and bones were contracting/stiffening to where it hurt every time I moved. I wasn’t sleeping and could not get comfortable anywhere I was. My doctor recommended prenatal massages and Lilie was a perfect match!”

Kinsey Dulaney, client of Liliana

Lilie’s Healing Hands offers not only prenatal massage, but induction massage, postpartum massage and will even help your infant with massage therapy! Liliana’s numerous certifications allow her to take care of you and your family at any stage of life. Leave your health in her team of professionals’ capable hands! Make your appointment on her website.

Enjoy your pregnancy. Get yourself a massage!

Pregnancy tests your body in more ways than you ever thought possible. Growing another whole human inside you is no small feat! It’s a small wonder why you would need a Dallas prenatal massage or two during your nine month journey. Contact a masseuse today and get more comfortable as the end of your pregnancy approaches.

Don’t forget to capture these fleeting moments as well! Maternity photo sessions can help you remember all those little flutters and giant kicks your kiddo could throw in your uterus. As much as it seems like pregnancy takes 1,768 years, one day you’ll blink and your baby will be in elementary school. Soak it all in, mama. Never forget how little they were, and how big your belly was!

Until next time, may your day be bright and your coffee be strong!

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