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Fort Worth Bakery | 8 Talented Bakers You Need for Your Next Party

Many main events of our lives call for a cake! Read through my list to search for a Fort Worth bakery to make your next party special.

Find a Fort Worth bakery to fit your family. From birthday parties to graduations, retirement celebrations and weddings, we all know that a good time deserves a good dessert.

I love looking through portfolios of bakers and drooling over their art form. The fondant rolling, buttercream styling, batter mixing, dye painting and glitter sprinkling art that is cake decorating has fascinated me for years. I personally took some courses at a local art shop in Massachusetts in middle school and learned different techniques for cake decorating. It took a lot of practice, persistence, attention to detail and dedication to perfect some of the looks they taught me. I commend these cake bakers in their pursuit of always improving their craft!

Watermelon Cake Smash Fort Worth

Look through this list of eight confection artists! Each is a Fort Worth bakery you’d love.

Sugar Invasion

Listed in the number one spot for a very good reason, Sugar Invasion supplies all of the incredible cakes I use in my smashes! Kassi Moore is the creative mastermind behind everything. She dreams up new designs, creates all of her recipes from scratch and infuses her personality into every confection. Her business name may come from her love of horror and alien movies, but the cute little alien holding a cupcake in her logo anything but horrific. Her quirky, colorful style shows through in her branding and in her sweets decorating.

Not only does she decorate cakes that would impress a princess, she creates unique cookie recipes, concocts gargantuan Rice Krispie Treats and whips up mouth watering brownies. Every one is decorated in a fun and colorful way. Not a single treat of hers is “boring”. If you have kids or you’re hosting an event, definitely reach out to Kassi so she can make a big dessert spread! Forget the cardboard tasting frosted sugar cookies, this girl has skills and your next event needs her distinctive cookies in its life. Check out her work and contact her through her website!

Unrefined Bakery

Need a gluten-free, soy-free and organic option? Mother and daughter team Anne and Taylor started up their baking company after being diagnosed with Celiacs Disease. Not able to eat traditional baked goods, they went out of their way to create confections for those with sensitive stomachs! Allergen-free food isn’t just their motto, it’s their way of life. Unrefined Bakery challenges you to try their confections and see if you can taste a difference from the sweets’ unhealthy counterparts. They bet you won’t!

As a full service bakery and sandwich shop, they offer more than just cake. Cupcakes, pies, breads, cookies, you name it, Anne and Taylor got it. Sit down in one of their locations with a nice cup of organic and fair trade coffee. Find all of their offerings on their website. Go give them a visit and taste the deliciousness!

Wysteria Bakery

Annie’s love for decorated sugar cookies began in March of 2020. While the whole world was closing down, she decided to learn a new craft! Her cookie decor is clean, delicate and beautiful. I love seeing people that are self taught. She clearly has a passion for what she does and puts her heart and soul into her work.

Another specialty of Annie’s is English Toffee. Crispy and sweet, English Toffee is fabulous with a nice cup of tea or hot coffee. I personally love having toffee around for guests at the holidays! If you’d like to order something special from her, take a look through her website!

Life is Sweet

Started out of a food truck in 2013, Life is Sweet has been servicing the Fort Worth area for years. Beautiful cakes, brownies, cookies, cupcakes and treats are all on the menu. A food truck is available for rent if you’re having a party or event! They offer cute themed dessert sets for holidays. Online ordering is also available and makes shopping easy!

Cakes & Sweets by Liz

Liz takes pride in her sweets and designs! A big specialty of hers is Quincineras with sprawling, beautiful cakes for a girl moving into adulthood. Not only are cakes a big part of her work, she makes chocolate covered marshmallows and Oreos, Rice Krispie treats with custard, and fresh fruit cups and trays. Look through her website and see the spreads she has put together for many events in the past.

Nightmare Before Christmas Cake Smash Fort Worth

Sweets by Zeek

Lauren makes the brightest, most colorful sweets and treats! Her vibrant style goes well with any birthday party. Her wedding cake designs are beautiful too! She has very clean work and creative designs. As a mom of a little girl, she understands the excitement of birthday parties and celebrations. Check out Lauren’s work and contact her on her Facebook page.

Dripped & Drizzled Delights

Besides the slew of Rice Krispie treats, chocolate covered pretzel rods, cupcakes and other great party favors, Dripped & Drizzled also styles beautiful naked cake inspired shaped cakes. Want a message written out in cake? You got it! She’ll make any word, letter or number you like. Layered shaped cakes are piped with frosting in between layers giving them a clean look. She touches the tops with butterflies and other pretty accents. Book your next cake or dessert table through her Facebook page.

CC’s Cupcake Heaven

Michelle’s work is astounding, she clearly puts her heart and soul into it! Clean decor, vibrant colors, her cake decorating looks confident and professional. She offers many more sweets and treats. Eclairs, scones, cookies and cupcakes are just some of the other treats she whips up! Take a look through her Facebook page to see the sweets for yourself.

Boho Naked Cake Smash Fort Worth

Which Fort Worth bakery will you choose?

Personally I love ordering and purchasing sweets from small business bakeries like these. I have two boys at home. My oldest is almost four years old. Every year we plan a styled Cake Smash on his birthday. We setup the backdrop, put down the cake and let our kid dig into it while we take photos. It’s so much fun! We started the greatest tradition for half birthdays too. We let our toddler choose the confection he’d like to smash, as long as it’s not cake. We’ve already done an ice cream sundae, donuts and pudding. So much fun!

Whether it’s for a wedding, engagement, gender reveal or birthday, cakes are a very important part of any celebration! I’m happy that other sweets are joining in on the party, so to speak. With trays of decorated cookies, specialty chocolates, and yummy eclairs, it’s nice to see a variety at a party too!

If you have a baby with a birthday, I would love to help you capture memories of their first trip around the sun! Let’s chat!

Until next time, may your day be happy and your coffee be strong!

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