Dallas birthing center pregnancy

Dallas Birthing Centers | Why You Need One

Why are Dallas Birthing Centers so different from the hospital experience?

Hospitals can be cold, stark and impersonal places to be. Birthing Centers strive to change all that! Most Birthing Centers mimic the look of home. Instead of laboring in your own house, having to rent a birthing tub and rearranging your furniture to make it all fit, these Dallas Birthing Centers have everything ready to go. Even the differences in a home birth and a birth center labor is huge! It’s like the dinner difference between ordering DoorDash versus going to a restaurant to eat. Birthing in your home requires you bring all the supplies in then do the cleanup afterwards where a Birthing Center does all of that for you. Bonus: you still have the comforts of home!

Dallas birthing center pregnancy

Benefits of Birthing Centers:

  • Home Environment – All the comforts of home! Queen or full size bed, real sheets, soaking tubs, television, couches for family and sometimes even a full service kitchen. Have the feeling of being in your own house without making a mess of your home.
  • Freedom and Privacy – Hospitals aren’t able to let you roam the hallways without also wearing the stereotypical johnny that makes you moon everyone. Birth Centers give you the freedom to walk around while wearing exactly what you want! Motion is sometimes the one thing to soothe those pesky contractions. Having the ability to move where and when you want to is a huge perk!
  • Stay Together – Nurses in the hospital take your baby off to a separate room for shots, baths and specialist checkups. Birthing Centers like to keep families together instead. You dictate when family stays and when they leave. It’s just one more aspect of care inside your control!
  • Less Time Investment – Birthing Center mamas can go home between four to eight hours after birth. Hospitals can keep you up to 48 hours after a vaginal birth. My hospital stay with my firstborn was a full week! And less of a stay in a medical facility can mean less of a bill after the event too.
  • Lower Risk of a C-Section – Statistically speaking, only 2% of the average Birthing Center labors turn into a C-section at the hospital. Personally, I believe this to be related to lowered stress. Being in a comfortable environment surrounded by supportive and knowledgable healthcare providers can make a big difference!

Who qualifies for laboring at a Birth Center?

  • Low Risk Pregnancy – Mamas that have high blood pressure, hypertension, diabetes or a breech baby will probably have to be referred to a hospital. Healthcare professionals recommend that mamas expecting multiple babies should labor in the hospital. If you have no health issues, contact one of the Centers below for more information!
Dallas birthing center pregnancy

Now that you’re qualified for a Birthing Center labor, let’s go over some local options!

Here are some of the highly recommended Dallas Birthing Centers!

Lovers Lane Birth Center – Located in Richardson, TX, the Lovers Lane Birth Center comes highly recommended by moms in the Dallas area. Even if you’ve had traumatic births in the past, the midwives here will support you through the tough stuff. Not only is their birthing centered modeled after a home, there’s a playground across the street too! If you have older children, a family member or friend could take them to play while you labor. There are two rooms to choose from to labor in. One is the Blue room with a beautiful bed, jacuzzi tub, recliner and furnishings. The other is the Green room with another nice soaking tub, clean bed and great furnishings to keep your family members comfortable. The team has designed a fabulous space to ease you through every contraction.

“I had a lot of anxiety about this birth because of past birth experiences and the midwives here were so understanding and reassuring.”

Lindsey R

Origins Birth Center | Dallas Midwives – There’s a reason why Origins Birth Center was voted Best for Moms & Babies 2021 by DFW Child Magazine! The founders Gina and Kaitlyn are dedicated to you and your birthing journey. They tailor your experience and guide you through every bit of the process. Listening to your wishes, they create a birthing plan and put it into action. They’ll guide you through your labor in your own home or welcome you into their birthing center. You control every part of the process!

“I started with an OBGYN and in my 3rd trimester decided to switch to the birth center and have a water birth – best birth decision I ever made! [Their] amazing staff are so sweet and wonderful.”

These options are great as well!

Blessed Joy Midwifery – If you want to try a water birth, Blessed Joy is where you go in downtown Terrell. They have two beautiful soaking tubs, both located in cozy living room atmospheres. I personally love the goofy art they hang on the walls. I found that visual distractions helped me greatly during labor, so having fun things to occupy your mind is a nice touch. Sheila and her daughter Ashlynn make up Blessed Joy’s care team. Sheila has been a certified midwife since 2017 with more experience from her time learning. Ashlynn is a doula and works as the administrative support. These two women create a great experience for their clients!

“Sheila has attended my last two births. Both times she has shown exceptional levels of compassion, gentleness and knowledge in her field.”

Chelsea D.

The Urban Family Co-Op Dallas – Formerly known as the Dallas Birthing Center, the Urban Family Co-Op in Dallas handles all of your baby needs! From their Dallas Birthing Center to their chiropractic services and even their massage, they have everything you need under one roof. The lead midwife and owner Kristine Tawater started her career as a doula, then learned from other midwives at the Dallas Birthing Center before eventually earning her many certifications she can proudly boast today. It’s so nice that they offer pediatric care as well. You can stay with their practice for a few years to come.

“Kristine is a sweet, caring, and kind-hearted midwife! She not only takes great care of me during my pregnancy, but allows my 2 younger boys to participate and get involved in what is going on at all of my appointments. I love how passionate she is about helping you in every way possible throughout your journey until your baby is in your arms!”

Dallas birthing center pregnancy

Choose the Birthing Center that’s right for you and your pregnancy.

Whether it’s a water birth, a traditional bed birth or birthing in the shower, these Dallas Birthing Centers will help you through every step of your journey. Their midwife care and personalized touch exemplify what healthcare should look like. Reach out to one of them today! You can request to tour their facility, meet the staff, and figure out which one is right for you.

Don’t forget to remember your pregnancy (although it feels like it’ll never end right now!) with maternity photos! These times go by in a blink, you won’t want to forget how cute your bump was and how incredible your body is. While you’re at it, book newborn photos! Our babies don’t stay little for very long and change on a daily basis. Remember how teeny they were.

Until next time, may your day be happy and your coffee be strong!

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