Fort Worth Things to Do

9 Things To Do in Fort Worth with Kids

Does your family live in the DFW area? Bring them to Fort Worth and try some of these cool attractions!

I moved my family from Massachusetts to Texas just this past week and we needed to find things to do in Fort Worth. My two young boys need something to do outside of the house. My husband and I love to take them to different parks, go to community events, and go out for day trips. We like to find museums, zoos and aquariums to learn about the world around us. Mostly, we all enjoy driving around with the top down in our Jeep Wrangler! The kids love watching for planes through the open roof.

While I was looking up awesome spots to take my kids in Fort Worth, I figured I would write a list to share with you and your family too!

Nifty Things To Do in Fort Worth

SeaQuest – Ever wanted to meet stingrays face-to-face? Have fish kiss your feet? Enjoy aquatic animals at a birthday party? SeaQuest is the place to be! With really sweet experiences curated by their staff, you can get up close and personal with many different kinds of animals that live in the water. Encounters include snorkeling with stingrays, feeding Asian Small Clawed Otters, petting a Kinkajou and interacting with sloths. My family loves animals and we’re really excited to try some of the encounters SeaQuest offers.

Located conveniently at Ridgmar Mall in Fort Worth, SeaQuest can be accessed easily from the highway. Hungry after seeing all the animals? There’s a Food Court inside the mall with Italian and Mexican food, plus other yummy selections. If you’re looking for a sit down restaurant there are others in the immediate area like Woody Creek Bar-B-Q that are great for kids and adults. SeaQuest is a great place to spend a full day exploring.

Arcades like they used to be!

Main Event Entertainment Fort Worth – With two locations in Fort Worth, Main Event Entertainment is a great place to bring the kids on a rainy day. They offer a variety of activities like bowling, virtual reality games, laser tag, mini golf and classic arcade games. For the more adventurous kids, Main Event also houses a rock climbing wall and a whole course of gravity ropes! You can book a birthday party or host a corporate event at their facilities as well.

I love a company that actually cares about their community. Main Event joined up with The Birthday Party Project to provide children living in homeless shelters and transitional facilities with their own birthday party. Cake, games, party decor and prizes are all provided at no cost to the children fallen on hard times. To give them their own special day with friends when childhood is so short really warms my heart. You can request to donate your earned tickets to The Birthday Project. This allows the kids to redeem more tickets and get bigger birthday prizes!

Kimbell Art Museum – This Fort Worth based art museum was founded in 1972. Kay and Velma Kimbell started the collection in 1936 along with Kay’s sister and her husband. They focused on British and French pieces from the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries to start, then as the collection grew they invested in different pieces. Now the collection includes 350+ pieces that stay at the museum year round.

Take an entire day trip to the Kimbell Museum! There are multiple art exhibits in the area, including the Modern Art Museum of Fort Worth, the Amon Carter Museum of American Art and the Fort Worth Community Art Center. Make a day of it and see all of the art Fort Worth has to offer.

Go ride a horse!

Trinity River Farm & Equestrian Center – Want to ride a horse but don’t know how? Trinity River Farm can help you! They offer horseback riding lessons for people of all ages. You can choose between single one-on-one lessons or be taught in a group. All skill levels are welcome, their expertise will guide you through everything you need.

The center also offers summer camps and exhibitions. Let your kids run wild with horses! If you own horses yourself, Trinity River Farm lets you board your horse with them too. Check them out and see what services of theirs would work for you!

Fort Worth Zoo – Zoos are always our favorite stop in a new city. I am so excited to bring our kids to the Fort Worth Zoo! From all of the reviews I’ve read, they are constantly under construction to add more exhibits and more animals to their collection. The Fort Worth Zoo is the oldest continuous zoo site in Texas and is home to over 7,000 animals.

With a lot of dining options and open parks in close proximity, the Fort Worth Zoo is a great thing to do with any aged children. They also feature a stringray tank, a splashpad and several different animal encounters to keep your kids engaged. I can’t wait to bring my kids to this one!

Chugga chugga choo choo!

Forest Park Miniature Railroad – Located across the street from the Fort Worth Zoo, the Forest Miniature Railroad runs in a five mile circuit. Ride the train on weekends only for $6 per passenger. It’s a great activity to plan for if you want a quick and unique tour of the area. The train goes over the Trinity River and through several parks, covering quite a bit of land in the city.

Opened in the late 1950’s, the Forest Park Miniature Railroad was the longest mini railroad in the world. It was quite the attraction and added to the other amusement rides in the park. It’s still running and has since been upgraded to a CP Huntington Train. It’s a great outing for any age group! I’m excited to bring my two boys to ride this train.

Splash Dayz – One of my fondest memories of summer was going to the water park with my family. I was so excited to find this waterpark located in White Settlement! They have attractions for all ages, from zero depth splash pads for little kids all the way up to a five story drop for adults only. Float down the lazy river and soak in some sun. Or grab lunch then go in the wave pool!

They’re closed until 2022, but will be open until October of next year. Plenty of time to squeeze in a birthday party, a family day or a get together with friends in the waterpark fun! I can’t wait to go down some waterslides and watch my sons frolic in the water like I used to.

Be a cowboy for a day!

Fort Worth Stockyards – What I’m most excited for my family to experience is the Fort Worth Stockyards! There’s plenty of activities there to intrigue any family member. restaurants, re-enactments, shopping and live demonstrations. If you and your family want to see how the Wild West worked back in the day, this is the attraction for you. They still have cowboys doing two cattle drives per day through the streets, plus they host concerts and rodeos.

One of my favorite actors growing up was John Wayne. I was stoked to find out that the John Wayne Museum is located right inside the Stockyards! That’ll be an attraction we won’t miss the first time visiting. We’re very excited to spend some time and learn some history in the “Wild West”.

Sundance Square – With so many things to do, Sundance Square offers dining and entertainment everywhere you look. It’s 35 square blocks filled with restaurants, convention centers, gardens, comedy clubs, ice cream shops, you name it, you can find it here! It’s a great night out with the whole family.

Which things to do in Fort Worth will you plan with your family?

I can’t wait to take a day and explore the city. There’s so much to offer! With awesome restaurants, fun activities, cool museums, plenty of live concerts and shows, there’s something here for every age group. We’re thrilled to live so close to the city.

Until next time, may your day be happy and your coffee be strong!

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