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Dallas Toy Stores | 8 Cool Places to Take Your Kids

Check out these 8 Dallas Toy Stores that are refreshing and fun for the whole family!

I’m moving my family from Massachusetts to Texas. I wanted to take some time to research some cool Dallas toy stores to bring my two boys to!

My husband and I remember the days when we had Toys R Us and KB Toys to walk into and marvel at everything kid related. I recollect going to the mall with my mom and hearing the barking toy dogs in the pen at the entrance of KB Toys. It enticed you to come over and take a peek. Then you just had to go in and see what new release they had, or find the toy that Cartoon Network had advertised to you over your bowl of cereal first thing Saturday morning.

Toys stores are a thing of the past. Or are they?

Nowadays? I’m toting my kids through Target and they might get three aisles of boy toys to look at.

It’s not the same experience and my nostalgic self was getting really sad that my kiddos wouldn’t have the awe inspiring time that I had as a kid.

I decided to take matters into my own hands and create a list that not only my family could benefit from, but yours could too!

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Here’s my list of eight unique Dallas toy stores:

The Toy Maven

Started in 2007 when the owners realized there was no dedicated toy store in the neighborhood for kids, this small, family run business now has three separate locations. Two locations are in Dallas and their first location is still open in Southlake. The variety of toys converged all in one place really piques my interest. I want to be able to see Legos, pretend play, books, brain teasers, building sets, puzzles and activities all in one place and not in a limited selection in only a few aisles. This is the number one place on my list to visit with my own kids! Find more information on their website.

American Girl Boutique and Bistro

If you’re a girl born in the 1990’s, you know what American Girl is. I have a Samantha doll still from when I was in Kindergarten. They are the coolest line of dolls that tell an American story. Each doll had their own version of adversity to overcome and grew up in a different time period in America. Not only were they sturdy dolls, they were a great teaching tool for parents! Being able to bring your doll to a doll salon, eat food with your doll and shop for matching outfits is a little girl’s dream. A little on the expensive side, it’s a nice treat for a birthday or special occasion! Check out their website for more information and reservations.

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Dallas Vintage Toys

Talk about a blast from the past, everything and anything you can think of from our childhood and even before that is stocked in this store! My husband has a few GI Joe’s just like the ones sold here. It’s so cool to see vintage toys like that still being sold and appreciated. Started in January of 2008, Shaun Neinast wanted to share his love of the vintage with those in the area. The store now handles international and intercontinental orders while still servicing its hometown of Dallas. Find more stock and information on their website.

Froggies 5 and 10

One of Dallas’ oldest toy stores, this is a great place to go to find something new! Everything that I’ve seen on their Facebook page makes me excited to visit with my boys. They are in the process of building a brand new location in Lakewood, so they are temporarily closed for that. Keep an eye out and visit for their grand reopening! Check out their website for more information.

The Tot Playhouse

Enter this luxe storefront to find high end baby items to test before you even buy. What a great idea! I can’t tell you the number of times I’ve seen an item on the shelf, think that it will be a great fit for me and my baby, then get home and realize it doesn’t work as well as I anticipated. Nasiba Adilova had the right idea when she opened this store as her second brick and mortar venture. All toys stocked on the shelves are made from natural elements with no toxic chemicals or pesticides. Not only do they supply toys for the youngest of our kids, they carry strollers, highchairs, wraps and other baby essentials. If you’re pregnant or just had a baby, this would be a great stop to make! Check out their offerings on their website.

The Lego Store

I don’t care how old or young you are, everyone loves their Legos. Created in 1949 with the simplest of interlocking building blocks, Legos have gone through a huge transformation to become the beloved sets we have today. Not only is there a Lego Store in Dallas, there is also a Legoland Discovery Center that I can’t wait to see! 4D movies, life sized attractions to go through, experiences for the whole family while being able to buy special edition packs of Legos is just a little bit of what I’m looking forward to. Find more on their website and plan your trip to Legoland here.

The Little Things

Want boutique clothes and cool toys for your kids? Look no further than The Little Things! They are constantly finding new designers, new toy makers and keeping up on trends. As a boy mom, I really appreciate that they have an awesome selection for our little men. It always seems like girls have all the fun in fashion! I’m excited to go to their storefront and see what new things they’ll surprise me with. Until then, I might just have to place an order online.

The Sixth Floor Museum Shop

I’m a total history nerd, so when I saw that there was a cool shop in the location where Lee Harvey Oswald supposedly shot JFK, I knew I had to visit it! This shop offers history boxes for kids to teach them about certain events in the 60’s that helped shape our American history. Vintage posters, nostalgic T-shirts and JFK paraphernalia are also stocked in the shop for your purchase. Check out what they have to offer on their website.

Which Dallas Toy Store will you visit first?

I’m very excited to cross off some of these Dallas toy stores on our list of landmarks to visit in the area. My boys will have so much fun walking memory lane with us and making new memories of their own!

Are you in need of a family photographer to capture your memories? Reach out to me today! You can check out my work right here on my website.

Until next time, may your day be happy and your coffee be strong!

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