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Páv Yoga | Meet Ally McCrory

I had the opportunity to meet Ally and some of her team at Páv Yoga for the first time this week.

Walking into the Páv Yoga studio was a little intimidating for me. I’m not going to lie, I have never once attempted yoga and the thought of it scares me a little. I am not a flexible person in the slightest. That might be me realizing that I actually do need some yoga!

The studio is located in downtown Weatherford right off of the square. Ample parking, a cute western look to the street plus lunch and shopping options surrounding it. Páv Yoga participates in many community activities too. They’ll team up with the local brewery to do Beer & Yoga or organize fundraisers to benefit locals in need. I love how much they care about their fellow Weatherford residents!

building face of the studio in downtown Weatherford

I was greeted by two of the instructors when I walked in to the studio. They were very sweet girls that immediately made me feel welcomed. They let me know that Ally was finishing up a hot yoga class and she would be with me shortly. Sure enough in a few minutes, Ally was opening the rustic barn doors to the studio and letting her class out. Man, was it HOT! They aren’t kidding when they call it hot yoga!

Ally is the amazing leader of this tribe of yogi women.

I could immediately tell that Ally was a kind, thoughtful and fun person. She came right up to me, shook my hand and asked what I wanted to do. So I asked the girls to take me through a day in the studio; let’s see the yoga poses!

Eagle pose at Páv Yoga

The girls all moved with such grace. It looked effortless for them to bend over backwards, twist their limbs around and pivot on a dot. Did I mention two of the girls are pregnant right now too? Shauna is 17 weeks along and Claire is 31 weeks. They were keeping up with the rest of them, not missing a beat!

peek of the studio in downtown Weatherford

If you’re pregnant and looking into improving your flexibility, definitely talk with Páv Yoga! I specifically asked Ally about what she would recommend for prenatal yoga, and her answer was surprising but perfect. If you haven’t ever done yoga before, it’s recommended that you don’t start during pregnancy. Because your body is experiencing so many changes already, adding a brand new practice to it during a life changing event would be a shock to it. However, if you’re thinking about getting pregnant, relaxing and stretching with yoga could increase your odds of fertility, plus prepare you for prenatal yoga!

a few poses in the downtown Weatherford studio

I had the pleasure of asking Ally a few more questions to help us get to know her and her journey:

How long have you been a yoga instructor at Páv Yoga? What inspired you to teach in the methods of yoga?

I began doing yoga in 2009 and then I dabbled in different forms for awhile. In 2015 I was introduced to Baptiste hot power yoga and immediately fell in love with the practice. I was inspired to teach because of the way I felt while practicing and I wanted to share how it helped me with others. It was the right amount of physical activity that I needed and I felt refreshed, relaxed and ready to take on the rest of the day. I took my 200 hour Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT) course in Fort Worth in 2015 and opened a small space in 2016. 

Ally McCrory, owner of Páv Yoga

Are you certified in prenatal yoga? What is the difference from “regular” yoga and prenatal yoga?

I have taken prenatal and womens health courses along with having several pregnant students throughout the years. Our studio is not overwhelmingly hot and could be considered the temperature of a hot Texas summer day. With that in mind, it is up to the student and their comfort level. There are modifications and variations that we can have our pregnant students participate in. They are welcome to twist as long as they are comfortable, switching poses on the stomach to elevated poses on their hands and knees, and making them as comfortable as we can with a variety of props. Yoga is easily modified to fit the needs of the students and sometimes those needs change from day to day. 

Claire, an instructor at Páv Yoga

What are the health benefits of yoga?

There are so many health benefits of yoga! Yoga benefits span from physical needs (stretching) or emotional needs (calm anxiety). Taking the time to be present and doing something for yourself is invaluable to our mental and physical health. 

Do you remember the first yoga class you attended? What made you go and how did it change you?

The first yoga class I attended was in a gym setting and I loved it! I was able to stretch my body after having a baby and the peace that came after that hour was priceless. I was then introduced to hot power yoga a few years later and knew I had found my hobby, exercise and community. I began to go through a divorce and found solace on my mat. I spent time on my mat to sort through my thoughts, emotions and to pray. It was a solid source of stability for me in a rocky and unsure time. 

The team of yoga instructors in Weatherford

Do you have any children? If so, do they practice yoga with you?

I have three girls! They are 11, 12 and 13 (we have our hands full)! My girls did participate in Páv Kids (kids yoga) for awhile and now that they are older they take the hot power classes as well as the Restorative classes. It has been such an honor to watch them grow and learn the practice with me. 

the girls bending backwards in the yoga studio

Contact Páv Yoga today!

Ready to start your yoga journey? Find Ally and the rest of her team through their website, Facebook or Instagram! Ally does a great job of keeping the schedule updated on social media. You can see what kinds of classes they’re offering and when at any time. I know I’m excited to take my first class!

Until next time, may your day be happy and your coffee be strong!

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