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BlueBonnet Diaper Service | Saving the Planet One Diaper at a Time

Why choose a diaper service for your baby instead of buying Pampers?

A few reasons, actually! BlueBonnet Diaper Service can save waste, save money, help you keep your baby healthier and be the saving grace to keep cloth diapering convenient. I’ve compiled a lot of information about the benefits of cloth diapering. I also watched my mom use them for my brother and sister, so I have first hand experience too!

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Let’s delve into the history of diapering

If we go way back in the day (I’m talking 2,000 BC back in the day), mamas used to use moss, wood shavings, grass or nothing at all to diaper their babies. Imagine having to scavenge for anything absorbent to keep your baby somewhat comfortable! And then having to check the moss or grass for bugs first before putting it on your baby. No thank you! It got a little better around 1,000 AD when families used cloth and a swaddling band to keep babies hygienic. These immature versions of a cloth diaper would be changed every few days, so there wasn’t a huge improvement in cleanliness.

Then a tiny invention made a world of difference

Finally, in the 1850’s, the safety pin was invented. This led to more families having a dependable way to secure and fasten a cloth diaper. Pieces of fabric would be folded into a rectangle then secured around the baby’s bottom. Wool pants or shorts were used over this to keep the cloth diaper from leaking through the clothes. Thankfully babies were changed more often at this point. In the early 1900’s, diaper services started making the rounds. Families would leave their diaper pail on the front step, the service would come and pick it up, sanitize all of the cloths, dry them, fold them and bring them back to the home.

bluebonnet diaper service

Cloth diapers were the only option until one predominant company changed everything

The early 1960’s was the first time we see disposable diapers come onto the market. P&G created one of the first and named it Pampers. I’m sure you’re familiar with that brand! Resealing diaper tabs were a huge improvement to the safety pins families were used to. The convenience with disposable diapers while traveling was also a huge hit! Diapers contoured the the baby’s body shape, velcro tabs on plastic diaper covers, better ways to clean the cloth diapers and even designer disposables made parenting so much easier!

But how do cloth diapers work? Isn’t it something that should stay in the past?

Cloth diapers are just that; made of cloth. Cloth diapers are made of either 100% cotton or a mix of bamboo and microfiber. It’s super absorbent, gentle on skin, holds up with heavy, repeated use and easy to sanitize. You can purchase cloth diapers, either prefold or flatfold, at many retail stores and online sites. The diaper itself is just a rectangular piece of cloth. The outside layer, called the diaper cover, is the other important part of cloth diapering. The diaper cover used to be made of rubber (why some older generations call today’s diaper’s “rubber pants”), but now is made of vinyl or plastic. Microfiber or suede is used on the inside lining to keep the diaper cover comfortable for baby.

When it’s time to change baby, the cloth diaper comes out of the diaper cover and is rinsed in the toilet. You can purchase a hand held bidet to help you spray off any solid chunks stuck to the fabric. Or, if you don’t feel like investing in a hand held bidet, simply “dunk and swish” the cloth insert in the toilet. Once the cloth is rinsed, it’s added to the diaper pail. Diaper pails hold 2-3 days worth of diapers until you’re ready to run a sanitize cycle in your regular washing machine. Wash, dry, fold, use and repeat!

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Let’s break it down. Here are all the benefits to cloth diapering!

Now that you know their history and have an idea of how to use them, let’s take it a step further. Want to save the planet and save your wallet? Instead of purchasing disposable diapers all the time, make a one-time investment into cloth diapers and accessories. The planet will thank you for keeping disposable diapers out of landfills. Your wallet will thank you for making a smart investment! Families have also found that babies in cloth diapers tend to have less skin issues and rashes. Cloth versus disposable makes a great difference in baby butt health and skin care. Cloth diapering helps potty training too! Fun fact, babies that are in cloth diapers tend to potty train sooner. Anything to get out of the diapering stage faster!

Now that you want to cloth diaper, how do you do it?

Super simple. Contact BlueBonnet Diaper Service. They are the experts in the latest products and services revolving around cloth diapers! Their services include renting absolutely everything you need for cloth diapering. Take all of the guesswork out of it! They’ll provide the diaper pail, the cloth diapers, the liners, even the deodorizing rounds to keep your bathroom smelling pretty even with a pile of diapers hiding in it!

The cheapest package they offer is the Dalmation Diaper Service. Costing you only $70 per month, they’ll pickup your dirty cloth diapers and leave fresh folded diapers on your front step twice a month. You don’t have to deal with the stinky part of cloth diapering. Just give your baby the softest butt and save the planet while you do it! There are other options as well with pricing increasing from there. Have twins? Great! BlueBonnet Diaper Service offers a small discount for families with multiples.

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How did BlueBonnet Diaper Service get its start?

The owners of BlueBonnet Diaper Service started when their granddaughter Ivy was born in 2008. Recognizing a need for families in the DFW area, they set out to make cloth diapering convenient for local families. Since they worked in corporate America, they had experience in running efficient processes. Now it was time for them to create their own business and use it to serve local young families!

Get in contact with BlueBonnet Diaper Service!

Go find them on their website or call 940-637-2026. Any of their staff will be very happy to help you!

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