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3 Dallas Maternity Stores to Keep You Looking and Feeling Your Best

Pregnancy is a weird time in a woman’s journey. These Dallas Maternity Stores will help you navigate it all!

Your pregnant body is going through so many changes, one of which is a physical change. The three Dallas Maternity Stores that I’ve found will help you stay comfortable and covered as your belly grows.

It’s so important to still look like a million bucks even if you don’t feel it! I was so sick with both of my pregnancies. I know that looking like I was cool, calm and collected helped me get through some days. Plus, going shopping in a physical store is so fun! You’ll get to feel the clothes, try them on and see how they fit with your new body. Read on to learn about the three stores I recommend.

dallas maternity stores

Small Pockets – A Children’s & Maternity Boutique – Inwood Road in Dallas

Welcome to Small Pockets! The Maternity thrift store you’ve been looking for. Why pay full price for clothes that you’ll only need to wear for a few months? Small Pockets makes sure that all brands and clothes they sell are high quality. They seek out clothing from Ralph Lauren, GAP, Burberry, Ivvivva Athletica and Under Amour, just to name a few! All clothing must be in great condition. No holes or stains are permitted.

It’s so nice to be able to walk into a store and see what you’re looking for. Your body undergoes so many changes while pregnant that it’s sometimes difficult to shop online and get the perfect fit every time. Walking into their store and trying things on is a surefire way to make sure you don’t waste your money! As a bonus, you can check out the kids clothes and accessories that they have for sale as well. The staff at Small Pockets vets through everything coming in to the store to make sure you get clean, quality products for you and your family. Plus they won’t break the bank!

You know what’s even better? When you’re finished with your maternity clothes, you can bring them back to Small Pockets! They are very generous and payout 40% of the sale price to the original owner. On top of that, if the items don’t sell within 60 days, they go on to be donated to a local organization. Either way, you get them our of your closet and your gently used items get a new life with a new home!

Find information for Small Pockets on their website. You can do limited online shopping as well, and their retail store is open Monday through Saturday from 10am-5pm.

Simple Wishes – Mint Way in Dallas

Simple Wishes has everything you need for pumping and nursing! With revolutionary bras, they will make your transition to motherhood just a little bit easier. I personally exclusively pumped for over a year with my first baby, and let me tell you that hands free pumping is the way to go! I was able to pump for my baby while still working from home. Supportive bras created with pumping in mind is a great investment for your convenience. They look really comfy too! No underwires here; these bras were built by women, for women. It’s all about comfort and function during a pivotal time for a mother and baby.

Not only do they offer awesome bra options, they have really cute T-shirts with mama sayings, maternity leggings, maternity undies and so many cute accessories. Need belly oil? They’ve got it! Help mitigate those pesky stretchmarks by applying oil daily and moisturizing your skin. Want to get some relaxing tea? They even offer chais and herbal teas! They’re all about helping mamas and getting cool products to them. Go give their website a look! Their retail store is open 8am to 5pm from Monday through Friday for in-person shopping too.

Berkley Clothing – Lovers Lane in Dallas

Want stylish, high end clothing to make you look and feel your best while pregnant? Look no further than Berkley Clothing! The founders Loren and Hilary were sick and tired of not being able to find flattering and fitted clothing during their own pregnancies. So they set out to tailor a line of clothing just for women before, during and after baby! They’re all about empowering women during a crazy change in their lives. Go check out the trendy offerings on their website.

Leggings are a vital piece of your wardrobe during and after pregnancy! The cute styles and patterns in Berkley Clothing’s line will give you the variety you need with the consistency you crave. Supportive enough to work out in, flexible enough to chase kids in, they will serve your every need! Their shirts are really cute too, giving your belly enough room to grow while still being simple and stylish.

These Dallas Maternity Stores will give you a great wardrobe head start!

All three of these stores will help beef up your Maternity clothing collection! Even if this is your fifth pregnancy, we all need a little variety in our clothing. Stock up on a few staples to get you through the pregnancy that feels like it takes a thousand years but is only nine months out of your life. While you’re at it, make sure you capture this fleeting time in photographs with a Maternity Session! Never forget what your family looked like while you were growing the newest addition. After you have that little bundle of joy, you won’t remember life without them!

Until next time, may your day be happy and your coffee be strong!

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