How Kid to Kid Weatherford is Giving Back with Upcycling

Support a great cause while upcycling your children’s clothes. Save the planet and give back, all at the same time!

Kid to Kid Weatherford cares about the children in their neighborhoods as well as less fortunate kids in third world countries. We’ve all got that trash bag full of our kids’ clothes that they outgrew two months ago. How about old toys that still work but your kiddo lost interest in? Bring anything that’s stylish, clean and safe to sell!

Walk into their cute strip mall storefront and be greeted by affordably priced kids clothes, maternity clothes, books, toys, games, sports gear, shoes and baby accessories. Everything has been checked over by the staff and gone through a deep cleaning process. Know that anything you take home will serve you well for however long your kids need it!

Okay, so this company saves you money, pays you money, donates to a great charity and helps the planet? Let’s get into more of this.

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How much does Kid to Kid Weatherford pay?

Fabulous question! According to their website, they’ll pay 20%-50% of the asking sales price on boutique items, high quality toys and baby equipment. Items like newborn clothes and mass produced items will have less of a payout. But the really cool thing is you can opt for trades instead! That’s right, you know your kids will need more kid items. So earn up to 20% more on your payout when you get credit with Kid to Kid instead of cash. This way, you can put more money towards the sized up clothes, new-to-you toys, books, and other great kid supplies for your household!

The tore credit doesn’t expire for three whole years! You’ll have three entire years to make a decision on what to use your store credit towards. You could save it for your son’s baseball equipment. Or maybe you know you’ll want to revamp your daughter’s home library. You never know, you could use your store credit for a surprise baby and their carseat!

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Saving the planet? Let’s talk about some facts.

You’ve heard the term “upcycling” before, but what exactly is it? The word upcycling means to reuse in such a way as to create a product of higher quality or value than the original. This is such a great sentiment since returning just one clothing item back into the economy can reduce its carbon footprint by 82%. Selling your child’s clothing to Kid to Kid Weatherford can impact our planet and help those who have a hard time affording nice clothing for their own children. You are making a difference simply by giving your child’s clothes new life and a chance at a new home!

Did you know it takes 700 gallons of water to make a single cotton shirt? If we’re going to use that much in resources to make one simple shirt, let’s extend its life as much as we can! It’s our responsibility to help our planet out for the sake of our children. Take your children’s old clothes, go through them, find the ones that can be used again and bring them in!


Kid to Kid Weatherford is building schools for third world countries.

More facts coming your way! Did you know that n countries like Burkina Faso, an average child will go to school for a year and a half. Even sadder, more than half of people over the age of 15 are illiterate there. Kid to Kid Weatherford is teaming up with buildOn to raise funds and build schools in these unfortunate areas of the world! Already, they raised over $650,000 to go towards these education projects! Just this donation has allowed the foundation to build thirteen entire schools for impoverished countries. Imagine how many children that can help! Having a designated school building is the first step in giving these kids a chance at education and a chance at a better life.

I absolutely love when a company gives back to the world. Not only are they helping local families, they’re helping the planet, PLUS helping education!

Guess what? You can own a franchise of your own!

Do you like this company but don’t have a location near your home? You can open your own franchise! Join the more than 100 retail locations and help your local community afford quality, name brand products for their children. Like you’ve read from the rest fo the blog, there’s more to this company than just the local community. This company has real values. They are about helping real people with real problems. You can be a problem solver with them!


Connect with Kid to Kid Weatherford!

Find Kid to Kid Weatherford on Facebook and Instagram. They share cute sayings, funny parenting moments, awesome things going on in store and keep you up to date on their policies for trade ins and sales. Give them a follow and see what they’re up to!

Don’t forget to have your children photographed in the cute clothes you buy for them! Go ahead and check out the sweet kids I’ve had the pleasure of photographing on my Milestone page.

Until next time, may your day be happy and your coffee be strong!

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