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Empowered Birthing | Meet Doula Jessa Huddleston

Jessa Huddleston from Empowered Birthing loves helping mamas in the Dallas and Fort Worth area. I had the opportunity to meet with her!

I had the pleasure of meeting Jessa Huddleston, owner of Empowered Birthing! She’s a big personality in a small package. With three children of her own and three very different birthing stories, she has personal and professional experience in the field of childbearing. I would have loved to have used her services throughout my pregnancies and during my labors.

Why do some mamas opt to have a doula? For the extra support through labor. For the advocacy through pregnancy. For one more person to be there during a pivotal time in her life. Doulas are a great source of support and education. Their presence can make a difference in needing less medical intervention during and after labor. Doulas are a great service for pregnant moms!

I got to ask Jessa a few questions about her experiences as a doula.

doula for maternity

What drew you to being a doula? What made you know that helping other women through their pregnancy was your calling?

I had two births that did not go the way I had planned or wanted them to and that set in a lot of trauma. I knew I could help other moms get as close to the birth they wanted as possible. Even if their births don’t go as planned I always cover the “what if’s” so nothing is a surprise. They know all their options and are educated to make the decisions necessary. I want to serve families so they can enjoy those moments with their precious littles. 

Where are you located? Do you have an office with Empowered Birthing or do you exclusively travel?

I exclusively travel! I am in the DFW area. I live in Weatherford. 

empowered birthing jessa huddleston

How long have you been a doula? What kind of experience have you gained in this field?

Going on a year now of being a doula! 

I have served many mamas in home, birthing centers and at hospitals. I work during the week in a chiropractic office and have gained more knowledge on how chiropractic care can help mom and baby set up for a great labor and birth as well. 

Do you practice solo or do you have a team?

I practice solo, but have multiple amazing back up doulas if they need to be called to support as well! 

empowered birthing jessa huddleston

What is your philosophy on coaching support during labor?

I will help coach mama as much as she needs me! I have had moms who like me hands off and just there to keep everything in check and everyone on the same page. I also have had moms who want me by their side the whole time. Praying with them, hands on, playing music & taking pictures. Either way I am on board for whatever mom needs! 

Do you have children of your own? If so, what were their birth stories?

I have 3 babies! My first was a planned natural birth which didn’t go that way. My second was adopted, her mama did amazing during labor and birth! My third was 11 hours of natural labor and ended in a c section after I asked them to break my water. Unfortunately baby did not respond to that well and her heart stopped. Which is what really got me into wanting to serve mamas! I want them to know all the what if’s and possibilities with the choices available. 

doula for newborns

I had a great time getting to know Jessa. She’s a sweet lady with so much passion in her field. Want to connect with Jessa and Empowered Birthing? Find her on her Facebook page or send her an email at jessahud@yahoo.com!

Need Maternity and Newborn photos? I can help you! I’m also based out of Weatherford and live right down the road from Jessa. Let’s connect and talk about your family!

Until next time, may your day be happy and your coffee be strong.

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