Miracle to Behold in Fort Worth

A Miracle To Behold and the Detailed Ultrasounds You Need of Your Baby

3D and 4D ultrasounds weren’t available only a few years ago. A Miracle to Behold in Fort Worth provides families with beautiful imagery of their newest addition!

A Miracle to Behold captures moments in the womb that are a pretty new addition to the medical world. Ultrasounds have been 3D since 1980, but it hasn’t been until the last few years that we’ve gotten better technology to illustrate the little details of babies face, feet, hands and hair. See every little bit of your baby well before your water breaks! It’s absolutely incredible technology.

A Miracle to Behold Ultrasounds

The humble beginnings of a passion project.

Married couple Gary and Cheryl started A Miracle to Behold after their daughter was pregnant. They went with her to see their grandbaby on an ultrasound. They didn’t know just how happy the experience at the appointment would make them feel! After they left the building, Gary decided to start a 3D/4D ultrasound service in the Dallas and Fort Worth area. There were many challenges to setting up a home-environment, comfy location for ultrasounds, but they have succeeded! Their multiple five star ratings show just how happy they make their clients, just like their daughter’s ultrasound tech made them feel!

Pick one of the packages offered by A Miracle to Behold in Fort Worth to remember every bit of your baby in utero! See everything from their little nose to their eye spacing to their hair floating in amniotic fluid. The detail amazes me! Packages range from just finding out your baby’s gender with a sneak peek in 4D, all the way up to two visits, a full DVD set to music of your little one, a heartbeat animal and MORE! You can go as simplistic or as in depth as you like. The packages are super customizable.

Here’s a list of some services and items that are offered:

  • 2D imaging sessions
  • Black and white 2D prints
  • 3D/4D imaging sessions
  • Color 4×6 3D prints
  • Gender determination
  • DVD video of your ultrasound session set to music
  • Heartbeat Animals

Ask them about their 15% off Active Military Discount! A Miracle to Behold supports military members and their families.

Maternity clients who could get an ultrasound

Benefits of a 3D/4D Ultrasound

Not only are you able to see if your baby has daddy’s toes or mommy’s nose, you can have your baby’s weight and height estimated much more accurately. Preparing for labor and delivery is another great service this kind of ultrasound can provide. This scan should not replace any ultrasounds that your doctor orders, though. It is a supplemental service that can enrich your relationship with your baby. It also confirms observations that have been noted at your doctor’s office. A Miracle to Behold will only accept women that are already under the care of a physician!

Don’t forget, since you’re on the pregnancy journey, you should schedule your updated family photos soon! Maternity and Newborn Sessions are a must when adding a new baby to the family. Make sure your new addition feels included with a well documented start to their life!

Contact A Miracle to Behold for your baby’s ultrasound today!

You can find more information about their office on their website, Facebook page and Instagram. Bookings can be done over the phone by calling 817.851.2501 or through email at info@amiracletobehold.com. Talk to them today! Gary and Cheryl would love to make this pregnancy a memorable one.

A Miracle to Behold ultrasound in Fort Worth

I really wish that this service was something available when I had my children! I love that you can see all of the detail in their faces, count their toes, see who they’re going to resemble in the family, all the things that you used to wait on. Pregnancy feels like eternity when you’re in the middle of it. Make it a little less of a drag and get all the cool pictures!

Until next time, may your day be happy and your coffee be strong!

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