Dallas Mary Kay consultant September James!

Dallas Mary Kay Consultant | Meet September James

My favorite Dallas Mary Kay consultant has to be the incredible September James!

When you meet this Dallas Mary Kay consultant, she says, “my name is September, born in November.” Her iconic sayings always stick out in my mind. I can’t tell you the number of times I have heard September say, “I love to gather and encourage women!” **High kick!** She is one of the most energetic and positive women I know. I’m so grateful to have her and her amazing family in my life. Truly I can say that my life is better now having September in it!

We were able to meet at her favorite coffee shop; The Full Cup. Jenn and Bridget opened the coffee shop about nine years ago after quitting their healthcare jobs and finding out their favorite bookstore was closing. Their coffee shop is a great mix of tiny used bookstore, cozy living room and a cafe all mixed together. You never know who you’ll bump into! Being near the center of Weatherford and across the street from the ninth grade center, adults and high schoolers alike filter in and out of the building all day.

Dallas Mary Kay consultant September James

What does September like to order at The Full Cup?

September likes to go in the morning, camp out at her favorite table and meet clients there as she sips her coffee! Jenn and Bridget both know that September has her very own green mug that no one else uses. When September walks in on any morning, she’s greeted with a hot Americano with an extra shot of espresso. Because her green cup is more of a medium size, they put a large Americano in there and leave out the water. It’s just a cup of caffeine and it’s exactly what September loves. If she stays through lunch, she’ll get another hot Americano with a splash of heavy cream, or if it’s a really hot day she’ll go crazy and get an iced!

Meet the James Family!

One of the biggest things that I love about September is that she is a mama to four children and includes them in her Dallas Mary Kay business! September has been in Mary Kay for the last 22 years and has been a leader in the company for 20 of those.

She excels at supporting and uplifting women while raising her own incredible ladies. She has three daughters that all contribute to the family business. Zoe is the oldest and does really well at categorizing and invoicing. Lydia is next, just a year younger than her big sister. She’s the artsy one that’s really great at making packages look exquisite. Rachel is the youngest of the bunch at only 10 years old. She pops in to online demonstrations to show off the products. Titus, her 13 year old son, helps where he can, but I can’t blame him for staying a little ways away from all the pink things.

Another huge thing that I love about September is her marriage to Tim! Tim and September have been married the last 21 years. For the majority of their relationship, Tim was in education. He was a fabulous teacher! Once they had children of their own and September’s Dallas Mary Kay business was thriving, they took a leap of faith to “bring daddy home”. Now Tim is the educator, the chef, the chauffeur, the couponer, the accountant, all the things that the household needs while September is out networking with and helping women. Tim doesn’t “work” anymore, he supports September in their sole income with Mary Kay.

A few fun facts about the James family: They have 22 hens, 1 outdoor dog and 2 indoor dogs. They used to have two hedgehogs too. It’s a long story about failed hedgehog breeding. Definitely schedule a meetup with September and she’ll tell you all about it!

September showing off her travel set

Pink Cadillac September James wasn’t always “pink”.

When September was growing up, she was always the tomboy. She never wore makeup, she helped her father hunt on their land, and she rarely wore a full set of clothes. She’s never been one to be covered in glitter, wear a dress or be girly. She was only on the Bluebells in high school because her graduating class was so small. She rolled her eyes at girls applying makeup and swore she’d never be like that.

Fast forward to her very early twenties and September was discovered by a Mary Kay consultant. Once September came to the realization that Mary Kay could be used as a tool to lift up and inspire women, she was 110% behind it! The Christian values and opportunities in the company allowed her to garner promotions, earn cars for her family and help other women enjoy the same. Now she coaches over 120 local women in growing their own Mary Kay business so that they can work from home with their children too.

September's "go bag"

What’s it like to be pampered by a Dallas Mary Kay consultant?

I have personally attended a few in-person parties and two virtual parties with September. She makes both ways so fun and enjoyable! You get to mingle with fellow women who are all there to relax and have fun. September introduces everyone, lays out all of the spa products and explains the uses for each. She demonstrates the products so each person tests and understands every one. It’s nice to feel the difference in your skin from arriving at her event until the end! It’s amazing how smooth and clean your skin feels.

September puts others first. Not only does she introduce everyone to each other at a party, she also takes women one-on-one to pamper them and feature them on her Facebook page. Her series “Woman of Positive Impact” is an amazing way to honor a hard working woman in the Parker County area. September blesses them with an hour of pampering. She then takes their photo and uses her social media platform to promote the good work they’re doing. Women helping women is what we should all strive for!

Dallas Mary Kay consultant September James

Need a Dallas Mary Kay Consultant of your own? Reach out to September!

You can order Mary Kay products directly through September here. Join her uplifting Facebook group to keep up with all the fun things she has going on. Follow her business page on Facebook and see what offers she has this month. Any way you follow her, she’ll add some positivity to your day!

Until next time, may your day be happy and your coffee be strong!

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