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Fort Worth Perinatal Associates helps families through high risk pregnancies.

High risk pregnancies can occur in any woman with any pregnancy. Fort Worth Perinatal Associates can help families navigate through the intricacies of bringing a new life into the world.

Every pregnancy presents differently. Even with the same woman, one pregnancy can be smooth sailing with no extra help. The next pregnancy can need special attention. Genetic factors, gestational diabetes, high blood pressure or a pregnancy with multiple babies can all be considered high risk. If a mama wasn’t high risk with her last pregnancy, that doesn’t necessarily mean she’ll be perfectly healthy for the upcoming ones.

New mama pregnant with baby girl

Meet the ladies who care for your babies

Dr. Rebecca Reyes, Dr. Tracy Papa and Dr. Emily Hadley make up the impeccable team at Fort Worth Perinatal Associates. Between the three of them, they have over forty years experience combined. Working with many families, all three doctors advocate and care for their diverse and high risk patients.

Dr. Rebecca Reyes and Dr. Tracy Papa started the practice fifteen years ago. They set out to follow their passions in Maternal Fetal medicine. This team of doctors is not a primary OB because they are the support team for high risk patients. All three doctors continue education even while practicing to stay up on the newest finds in their medical niche. With an impressive resume, the list of schools the doctors graduated from include Tufts University, Vanderbilt University Medical Center and The University of Texas Medical Branch. This list doesn’t even touch the residencies, certifications and awards that each doctor earned!

Focusing on hypertension, gestational diabetes, advanced maternal age and pregnancies with multiple babies, Dr. Reyes and her team help families through what could be a difficult or dangerous situation. With their experience, they seamlessly support the primary OB with sound advice and specific testing. Supplemental care like theirs can be used during any pregnancy too, not just high risk!

My experience at this location was amazing! Everyone was so friendly and kind and just overall very sweet!

Sylissa Segoviano
fort worth perinatal associates

Every family is welcome at Fort Worth Perinatal Associates!

Whether you need the specialized care for your high risk pregnancy, or if your pregnancy is cut and dry, the doctors at Fort Worth Perinatal Associates will help you! Trust them to guide you through to a healthy pregnancy outcome.

“The doctors, nurses, and staff were very kind, and they asked me first if I needed an interpreter, so I could get treatment comfortably.”

Ju won Park

Some of the services that they offer include genetic testing, hypertension monitoring, guidance with advanced maternal age and close watch on multiples pregnancy. Their goal is to help you through a stressful pregnancy to turn it into a happy experience. You should enjoy bringing a life into this world, not worry about it every single day. The professionals at Perinatal Associates will put your mind at ease.

new family with a little addition

If you’re looking for a provider that cares and listens to your concerns, get in contact with Fort Worth Perinatal Associates! They are professionals you’ll need to help you through your pregnancy, whether it’s high risk or not.

Until next time, may your day be happy and your coffee be strong!

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